Blast Films

A Fifty Foot Fuhrer, atomic letter bombs and a voodoo vigilante. It could only be the misspent youth that was Blast Films. Cue the Super-8mm…

..The Fourth Reich, hiding in the basement of a scout hut for fifty years, unleash a huge Adolf Hitler on the tranquil British countryside. Can Mr H be stopped before he destroys the BBC and its archive of 1966 World Cup video footage?

…Deep in Delamere Forest (just north of Metropolis), Lex Luther uses an atomic bomb to lure the Man of Steel into a trap. Can Superman save the simple folk of rural Cheshire? You’ll believe a man can fly (almost)!

…Private Investigator Plughole and his trusted sidekicks foil a plot to blow up Marple Bridge. Everybody’s favorite Blast prop – the ‘bomb’ makes its first appearance in our tribute to Indiana Jones.

…When a mysterious alien kidnaps Penny it’s left to Zachary Smith and young Will to save her. Along the way they are attacked by a killer bush and Major West’s ghost. Boasts the biggest cast of any Blast Super-8mm movie.

…There’s a vigilante on the loose. His weapon of choice: a voodoo doll.